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23030 Bianzone - Via Gatta, 33

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"La Gatta” winery

This impressive estate was originally built in
the 1500s as a Dominican monastery and later
served as the summer residence of the De
Gatti family, after whom the estate is named,
before being bought by the Mascioni family.
Our family acquired the “La Gatta” estate
in 1969, turning it into a favourite destination
for many discerning Valtellina wine connoisseurs.
The old monastery is surrounded by
13 hectares of vigorous vines, benefiting
from recent improvements introduced by our
experts. This system has become a model for
grape growing in the Valtellina area and
provides an excellent example of rationalised
viticulture on steep mountain slopes.
“La Gatta” lies at the foot of terraced vineyards
west of the town of Bianzone. You are
welcome to visit us: come and wander among
the vines, visit the cellars and taste our wines.


Tenuta La Gatta
Via Gatta 33
I-23030 Bianzone (SO)

Phone +39 (0)342 72 00 04
Fax +39 (0)342 70 46 73
Opening hours
April to October:

Tuesday to Saturday
10 a.m. to 12
3 to 6.30 p.m.
Guided tours
(min.10 people, on request)
all year round
Closed on Sundays
and public holidays

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